Liver King Workout Technique That Could Get You Shredded

"You don't have to go all in and start throwing spears... You can fight by looking for opportunities that scare you..."

Liver King Workout Technique That Could Get You Shredded

Regardless of your ethical perspective on American game shooters prancing off to Africa to collect ‘trophies,’ what practically no one can deny is the benefits old school living – including hunting and gathering – has (or would have) on your anatomy if you were to be able to do it in modern society. Speaking of which – one of the most ripped men in America, Liver King, who very much promotes the benefits of a barefoot lifestyle (not to mention eating some of the less commonly consumed parts of animals), recently took to Instagram with a primal workout technique that could get you shredded.

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“How many men out there are doing what we were hard-wired to do?” Liver King asks. “Are you fighting, hunting, providing, protecting, persevering?”

Watch Liver King demonstrate fake hunting in the video below

“You don’t have to go all in and start throwing spears… You can fight by looking for opportunities that scare you… You can practice fasting to simulate a failed hunt… You can do an intense workout, like assault bike intervals to simulate a successful hunt… Give it a try and see how alive you start to feel!”

In other words: you don’t need to move to Texas and buy a rifle to start living healthier.

You can start by envisioning your workouts as more than workouts.

Liver King also dropped the following piece of advice in another Instagram post two weeks ago, which relates to this.

“You see Liver King running with a sandbag,” he wrote. “What I see is Liver King bolstering a fallen comrade. Trekking through natural terrain. Returning my tribe safely from battle.”

“Turn your movement into something meaningful. An ode to our ancestors. And you’ll never miss a workout again.”

He also recently said: “If it started raining before a hunt, guess what? Our ancestors had no choice but to endure the rain… Hard-wearing resilience is already encoded in our DNA. Our daily habits decide whether we express it… How are you getting cold today, primals?”

Whether or not you, personally, need such aggrandizement to get yourself to work out, Liver King’s message clearly resonates with his followers.

One wrote: “Your killing it 🙌 your speeches on your stories are inspiring thanks brotha for getting me up off my a$$ I just need a good workout routine / eating routine too.”

Another wrote: “I’m glad someone else understands this. I do most of my runs with my plate carrier on as a means to simulate war conditions.”

Though this might seem a little extreme, perhaps if we hadn’t got quite so soft as a society then war analogies wouldn’t grab people’s attention quite so hard?

In any case, the debate continued in the comments. One user wrote: “Life expectancy for our ancestors was like 30 years old. Why tf would I want to live like them.”

Liver King responded to this: “Don’t knock it till you try it… What if there is actually a better way to be healthy… what if it’s accessible to everyone… what if the key to unlocking a robust and long (quality) life lies in our evolutionary past… that the things that our DNA evolved with (sleep, diet, movement, sun, soil, cold, fight, bong, etc) over the past 2.5 million years are the things that our DNA still expects in the modern world to heal and be healthy.”

“About life expectancy, if our early ancestors survived childbirth and made it into adolescence, they lived a quality of life that we would envy… free of depression, free of anxiety, free of autoimmune, free of infertility, free of low energy, free of low ambition, free of low manhood. Look no further than modern-day hunter-gatherers to glean some insight.”

Over on his ‘fake hunting’ video another user wrote: “Even though I can’t bring myself to eat like you yet. Your videos along with finding out I am prediabetic, inspired me to get back in shape and to get back to being healthy.”

Another said: “And even though my legs feel like jello after pushing them to failure last night, your story where you said to take the hard route sunk and made me take the stairs all day at work. You inspire people even amongst the haters. Keep being an inspiration!”

As for where he gets his own meat, when questioned “Do you hunt and slaughter your own meat, or do you buy it from someone or somewhere?” Liver King responded: “First and foremost, I get my Liver and Bone Marrow from the wild animals that my boys and I ethically hunt (we call it a sacred hunt).”

“If I need supplemental Liver and Bone Marrow, my go-to is my local butcher and/or local farmer, then White Oak Pasture. If you can, go to your local butcher or local farmers market, and get the real McCoy… if you can’t (or won’t), or if you’re looking for other nutrient-dense organs like Heart, Spleen, Kidney, Thymus or Brain, then yes, get yourself some high-quality desiccated liver capsules.”

Food for thought indeed.