Living In Sicily: Mediterranean Island Makes Tourists Offer Too Good To Refuse

A lure the mafia would be proud of...

Forget Ibiza’s party popping. Forget Mykonos’ naughty coves. Forget Majorca’s stale sweat and Santorini’s siren call.

Why? Sicily, the classiest island in Europe (we’d argue), just launched a purse-clutching incentive for tourists.

That’s right: Sicily will pay you to visit. Or, at least, they’ll cover half your flights and a third of your hotel fees.

That’s if you visit later this year (if and when international travel is once again encouraged).

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According to The Times, the fund will also pay for all your tickets “for museums and archaeological sites.”

This comes as the regional government cracks open a €50 million war chest to pay for the scheme after coronavirus robbed it of about €1 billion in tourism revenue in March and April.

Talk about a hook.

With 13 per cent of GDP coming from tourism, Italy must do something to boost the sector after lockdown ends on May the 4th.

To access the offer, vouchers will be made available on the island’s tourism website.

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While there’s no set date for Italy to open its borders, it plans to allow restaurants to open for takeaway (a la Australia right now) starting on May the 4th, as well as reopening the manufacturing and construction sectors.

“Next week’s easing of its strict lockdown laws will allow movements within regions but will still outlaw interregional travel,” Insider reports.

“Autumn would be the prime time to visit [Sicily], pandemic-pending.”

White sand, volcanic insta-pics and more historical sites than you can throw a Pesto Trapanese at await.

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