London Industrial Apartment Shows Off Its Minimalist Stripes

The Scandinavians aren’t the only ones who can design a mean industrial apartment. APA studios located in the United Kingdom is an architectural firm who’ve brought together some of the best raw elements into one masculine space.

Inside the apartment resides burnt steel, white concrete walls and grey tonal furniture pieces which drastically wind up the minimalistic feel to cool new levels. The windows meanwhile are large enough to utilise the natural lighting throughout with Japanese sliding doors breaking up the main bedroom from the living area.

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The elephant in the room is of course a giant steel cube which acts as a masculine feature to the home. Look inside the cube and you’ll find the bathroom, film, book archive, and laundry facilities. More specifically, each side of the cube is strategically characterised for reading, sleeping, working, cooking and socialising.

The owners say that the metal box represents the core of their creative work.

“That is why the metal box inside the apartment looks quite closed from the outside, but has the ability to constantly change and evolve, never be the same.”

[via APA]