Woman’s In-Flight Act Sparks Massive Etiquette Debate


Woman’s In-Flight Act Sparks Massive Etiquette Debate

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A photo of a passeger’s ‘rude’ in-flight act has left the internet divided.

The photo was posted on October the 21st, and has since gone viral.

The poster of the image captioned it: “Would this piss you off?”

The act? It was like something out of a fairy tale – a passenger, with long hair (possibly extentions), had draped their hair all over the back of their seat, so that it was in the space of the passenger behind them.

The photo sparked a surge of people talking about what they’d do in such a situation.

“Lol nah,” Twitter user @corteric7 wrote. “If I need the tray I’d just let her know I need to get under her hair for a sec. but why would I get mad? Flight over soon, on my merry way.”

Others were less New Testament, with some suggesting sneezing, or lowering the tray table.

“I would quietly lower the tray, let her hair fall in and then close it up again,” one claimed. 

“Completely inconsiderate & unnecessary,” weighed in another. “Saying this as a fellow long-hair haver.”

Another wrote: “Would definitely be annoying, but for people with long hair I understand why they do it, not sure what a compromise would be TBH, as long as they understand I might need to move or manipulate it sometimes we could reach an understanding.”

Others posted examples of their own experiences with similar situations (though some claim the following one is staged), and rather extreme responses.

It remains unknown which airline the photo was allegedly taken on.

This is also not the first in-air etiquette debate to crop up this year. We’ve also covered whether it’s ok to do yoga in your seat, death stare a stranger’s kids, put your feet up on the bulkhead or shut someone else’s window shade. But this is the first time we’ve seen hair cause such a spicy debate.

There you have it – something to liven up your Wednesday. And if you’re still confused about the ins and outs of flight ettiquette after reading this, check out the advice of a professional etiquette coach, which should stand you in good stead (and not in the middle of the aisle, practicing yoga).

Oh, and – if you want to learn how to get “guaranteed” special treatment from flight attendants – watch the video below, in which flight attendant Kat Kamalani explains the behaviours cabin crew love, and hate.

How to get ‘guaranteed’ special treatment from flight attendants, according to Kat Kamalani.

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