These Are The World's Most Luxurious Grooming Products For Men

Caring for your skin is no longer just a ‘girl-thing’. Men nowadays understand the importance of a daily grooming routine, meaning face, hand, feet and hair treatments are commonplace — next to razors, earbuds and toothpaste — in the average bathroom cabinet.

Better yet, men’s essential grooming products are undergoing a treatment of their own: a luxury one. From hair pomades to face moisturisers, body washes to anti-wrinkle cream, the following six items are some of the market’s most luxurious grooming products right now.

Designed with style in mind, both the packaging and ingredients inside are what make these creams, lotions and liquids some of the most extravagant (and expensive) products to buy. But, you’re worth it, right?

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#1 Patricks ‘S2 Shine Finish Medium Hold Pomade’

Australian owned and designed in Sydney, Patricks hair products look and feel anything but ‘homegrown’. The S2 hair pomade has been specifically designed with tasteful shine that’s UV-resistant), perfect for summer outdoor formal occasions where the side part – both soft and hard – is a hairstyle win.

With a remouldable, medium hold (in case someone dares to ruffle up your locks), Patricks’ pomade comes with a fragrance too; the S2 specially formulated with red clover, sage and saw palmetto. More luxurious still, the pomade acts as a moisturiser, nourishing the hair and scalp to minimise hair loss (yes, oh yes), giving your hair the love it needs — without lifting a whisky sipping finger.

How To Work It: Rub a small amount between palms and work evenly through damp or dry hair from root to tips. Reapply for extra strength, texture or shine.

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#2 Tom Ford ‘Daily Face Moisturiser’

Everything Tom Ford does is pure luxury. So, a daily face moisturiser with the American designer’s touch, is the ultimate skincare indulgence for men. In a sheen, chocolate casing, the lotion inside is equally decadent. A daily moisturiser for all skin types, the face lotion nourishes tired skin as it hydrates and fills fine lines, giving you the look of a twentysomething. Plus, the cream absorbs fast and leaves a matte finish. So, the fact you even moisturise, darling, is concealed — along with your crow’s feet and frown lines.

And, in true Ford style, the moisturiser smells like man-cave heaven, blowing a woody scent that won’t overwhelm others or mask your cologne.

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How To Work It:  Use morning and evening. Apply a small amount to a clean face and neck.

#3 Dr. Barbara Sturm ‘Super Anti-Ageing Serum’

For gents who want a next-level approach to daily skincare in fighting the signs of ageing, meet Dr. Barbara Sturm. A cosmetic procedure specialist, Sturm’s skincare focuses on combatting signs of ageing, using molecular cosmetics – a process that uses the body’s own proteins to promote skin rejuvenation (so you’ll look fresh-faced not fake).

The super anti-ageing serum ingredients include purslane and skullcap to reduce inflammation, as well as long and short-chain hyaluronic molecules to moisturise surface layers of the skin for an immediately rejuvenated face. Plus, it’s free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. It’s like a facelift in a bottle, really.

How To Work It: Squeeze one full pipette into the palm of your hand and apply evenly to your face. Follow with daily face moisturiser.

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#4 Buly 1803 ‘Pommade Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream’

France is birthplace of luxury, ce n’est pas? And, 19th century apothecary, Buly 1803, edifies the Parisian way of looking good, right down to its shaving creams. The ‘Pommade Pogonotomienne’ cream is made with naturally antibacterial hinoki wood, moisturising sweet almond oil to relax the facial hear pre-shave, and leave the skin soft, post-cut. The cream suits all skin types, and is free from parabens, alcohol and silicon. Plus, there’s a masculine woodiness to the cream, increasing the freshness.

Ornate and utterly handsome, Buly 1803’s vintage-inspired packaging means the cream is something worth displaying on your bathroom sink, not hiding it away in a cabinet.

How To Work It: Massage onto facial hair and skin after showering, so pores are open and soft is sift. Shave as normal.

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#5 Aesop ‘Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm’

A take-with-you-anywhere-and-everywhere hand cream is no longer a female-thing. Dry winds and harsh sun means the Aesop ‘Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm’ is now a favourite for well-manicured men. Suitable for all skin types, the cream is made from plant-based ingredients –coconut oil and shea butter — so it nourishes from wrist to finger tips, without leaving a chemical residue.

And the smell is delicious: mandarin orange, rosemary leaf and cedarwood offering refreshing notes to your palms.

How To Work It: Massage regularly into clean hands. Take this bring-skin-back-to-life hand cream to work in winter and away on summer holiday weekends.

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#6 Penhaligon’s ‘Bayolea Hair & Body Wash’

Quintessentially British, Penhaligon’s — established by perfumer and barber William Penhaligon in 1861 — started out brewing luxury grooming and fragrance products for men that seduced the decadence of Victorian London. Nowadays, Penhaligon’s is a fully fledged outfit and continues serve modern men, with classic tastes, via quality and rare ingredients.

The ‘Bayolea’ is a classic fragrance reformulated from Penhaligon’s archives, blending citrus notes of mandarin and lemongrass with spiced cardamom and black pepper, laced with herbaceous musk and moss. While combo-products usually typify laziness, this two-in-one hair and body wash is as fresh as it is functional. Go there old chap.

How To Work It: Lather onto damp hair and skin, rinse well. Apply a daily conditioner following the shampoo.

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