LV x Supreme Sold A Bear That Rivals The Cost Of Your Home Deposit

All in the name of charity.

The immense pulling power of luxury streetwear continues to flex its muscles but this time it’s no menswear collection drop.

The wildly successful collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme saw queues of people lining up for luxury goods as if they were the iPhones in a bargain bin just a few months ago. Today, what many believe to be the last piece to be released from the eclectic partnership, has been sold.

A teddy bear. This is not your average 28-inch plush toy though. This Supreme x Louis Vuitton teddy bear is the pinnacle of fashion royalty branding and it went via auction overnight for a cool US $106,016.08 (AUD$140,140.23).

We can hear the cries already about starving children and what-not so before you pick up that pitch fork, let it be known that this was done all in the name of charity with all proceeds going to the BBC Children in Need initiative.

Bespoke Pudsey Bear is made of denim and wears a sweet bandanna over its right eye. You can check out the evidence of the sale over at eBay and be equally outraged by the shipping price.