Rare Sight At ‘Secret’ Sydney Waterfall

Sheer madness...


Maddens Falls – an easily accessible, but, due to its low-key nature, relatively little-known (or as some TikTok users have put it, “secret”) waterfall in Sydney’s south – has gone nuclear after this week’s rampaging rain.

Instagram account @naturalattractionnsw today posted footage of the waterfall flowing real hard to their Instagram story.

Watch Madden Falls going nuclear in the video above, followed by a video of a TikTok user exploring the falls on a ‘normal’ day

In the video above, in which we have compiled @naturalattractionnsw’s video of the waterfall going wild after today and yesterday’s rain, and TikTok user xistfilm’s video of the waterfall on more of a normal day, you can see the difference a month’s worth of rain falling in mere hours can make.

@naturalattractionnsw confirmed to DMARGE the video was taken today.

Senior meteorologist Jonathan How told Today: “We are likely to see showers continue into the weekend with another 10 to 20mm over the next few days but for those across Sydney we’re expecting showers to continue all the way into late next week.”

He also said we’re in for another week and a half of wet, cool weather: “Thankfully, over the next few days the rain won’t be quite as heavy but the ground is so saturated so take care in low-lying areas.”

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Maddens Falls is in Darkes Forest (which is a 15-minute drive from Stanwell Park), and, according to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services, is “a great reward after a long bushwalk and the perfect place for birdwatching and photography.”

Left: @explorensw_au. Right: @_joshfalls

Stanwell Park is about an hour’s drive south of Sydney’s CBD.

You’re probably better off giving Maddens Falls a miss in these absolutely torrential conditions though. As a DMARGE correspondent recently discovered – chasing waterfalls can be treacherous…

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