Couple’s Majorca Holiday Allegedly Ruined By Hotel Worker’s Shocking Act

Most Magaluf moment ever?

A hotel worker has allegedly ruined a young couple’s Majorca holiday. The couple told media that a ‘peeping tom’ employee filmed them in bed. The hotel says the claims are untrue and alleges the tourists were drunk and the source of a noise complaint.

A hotel employee has been accused of filming a couple having sex in their hotel room on his phone. The couple were on holiday in Magaluf, Majorca – a Spanish island known for its nightlife.

The Sun reports that the couple – Abigail and Usama – had left their two kids with Abigail’s mum, to enjoy an 11 night trip to the Spanish party island. They were staying in a three star hotel.

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But they were rudely interrupted one night, they say, mid romp. The Sun reports that Abigail said: “I saw him and screamed. I was horrified.”

“He had his phone out and looked like he was filming us.”

“I pushed him out the room and shouted at him, ‘What are you doing, you pervert?’”

The couple say they called police in response to the peeping tom incident.

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According to The Daily Mail, the hotel denies the couple’s claim.

“Hotel bosses say they called the police because of the noise,” The Daily Mail reports.

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The group’s commercial director Bernat Matemales told media: “We were trying to control problems being caused by two guests who were drunk.”

The pair moved to new lodgings in the wake of the incident and say they now block the doors when getting intimate.