This May Be The Most Absurd Hotel Amenity We've Seen Yet

Double tap this.

Instagram butler

Forget timers and selfie sticks. There’s only one way for the 1% to snap perfectly-filtered vacay pics: a personal Instagram butler.

Instagram butler
Get ready for your butler-assisted close-up

The Conrad Maldives Hotel Rangali Island is now offering the services of said photo concierge to help you capture your holiday from every ideal angle. The Instagram butler will guide guests through the most ‘grammable parts of the property, advising them on optimal times of day for photography as well as the best poses for producing maximum FOMO in your followers.

The service also includes an #InstaTrail tour to the most beautiful hot spots on the island. Capture a golden hour sunset on the farthest tip of Rangali, and the perfect motion shot at Undholi, a traditional Maldivian swing that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Don’t forget the all-important snap at Ithaa, the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant. You may even consider eating there.

Guests can tee up their tour with a yoga class directed by the resort’s resident yogi, where they will be taught to pose like a pro. Instagrammers can also take part in a curated list of one, three, and five hour itineraries provided by the resort as part of the brand’s ‘Stay Inspired’ initiative.

“The inspiration came from our team members who are all incredibly creative and talented in their own right,” Kimberly Roberts, Director of Marketing and Communications at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island told Lonely Planet Travel News. “They live and work at the resort and know the grounds better than anyone.”

Lest you think this is all about superficiality and a shallow lust for approval from strangers on the internet, Roberts swears there’s also an educational side to the resort’s Insta-initiative.

“It is not just a photo tour. Guests have the opportunity to learn more about our team members, their culture and the resort’s history and the surrounding flora and fauna,” she said. “This creates a deeper and more meaningful connection that is personalised and intuitive between our guests and team members.”

A little to the left please, Jeeves. That’s my good side.

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