Unique Retreats: A Souped-Up Airstream Overlooking The Ocean

#Vanlife gets a luxe upgrade.


Twenty minutes in Los Angeles traffic is enough to make anyone swear off city life forever. But for those of us who lack the commitment to go full Bear Grylls, the Malibu Dream Airstream offers the chance to get off the grid without sacrificing creature comforts.

Perched on a private cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this Airstream Airbnb isn’t your average campsite. A nature-loving designer built it as their personal getaway, stripping it down to the basics before sprucing it up into an escape so chic it’s Taylor Swift and Vogue approved.

The gutted camper was converted into an open studio featuring a queen-sized bed, pull-out sofa, and kitchenette. The décor includes luxurious, extra thick wool rugs and cotton poufs, plus piles of colourful pillows for those SoCal boho vibes. A separate, standalone bathroom is found in an outbuilding.

The real stars of the show are the three large, frameless glass panels that dominate one side of the camper, and the expansive cantilevered deck for outdoor lounging. The Airstream offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean below, thousands of acres of pristine nature surrounding, and starry nights untouched by light pollution above. The listing even promises “the occasional seal barking in the distance or coyote howling for its pack.”

The Malibu Dream Airstream is a quick drive to the beach and hiking trails, but it’s not a place to stay connected. “Please do not book this space if you are afraid of sleeping somewhere remote… or are afraid of nature or expect a 100% bug free environment,” warns the host. “If you are fearful of dirt roads, care immensely about your sports car, or are afraid of cliffs, skip this booking.”

There’s also no reception and no AC power for electrical devices, so as much as you’ll want to Instagram your sweet digs, you may have to wait until you get home.

If none of that – or the US$500 price tag – scares you off, your off-the-grid getaway awaits here.