The Humble Man Bun Could Be Causing Premature Balding

The Humble Man Bun Could Be Causing Premature Balding

Attention all hipsters. The word on the street is that the man bun is making you go bald.

Whilst the man bun might seem like a recent development in the world of everchanging 21st-century hairstyles, it has actually been knocking about for years. In the early noughties, David Beckham made function fashionable, gracing us with his man bun on the soccer pitch, and even before that George Harrison of The Beatles rocked a tousled top knot in true 70’s fashion.

Nowadays, the man bun is everywhere. From Jared Leto to Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth to Bradley Cooper, the man bun challenges stereotypes and is the perfect solution for dudes with long hair who still want to look slick. There are even social media accounts dedicated to the hairstyle (just take @manbunmonday), an overabundance of YouTube man bun tutorials and its very own Wikipedia page. 

However, recent reports show that the lusted-after man bun may be contributing to hair loss. According to the experts, a tight man-bun style could cause ‘Traction Alopecia’, which in layman’s terms is gradual hair loss caused by a pulling force on the hairline.

While the condition is mostly seen in women who consistently wear ponytails or buns, dermatologists say that men who rock a man bun on the reg could be speeding up their rate of hair loss.

The only fool-proof way to stop man bun balding? The experts recommend wearing it loose, think ‘effortlessly cool’.