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How To Manscape Without Permanently Hurting Yourself

Keep it clean cut downstairs…without the cuts.

Body grooming or manscaping has become a common part of men’s grooming routines and remains a hot topic in grooming discussions. But one aspect of manscaping that isn’t discussed enough is grooming downstairs.

There are a number of methods to tame hair on your back, chest and stomach but very few for the family jewels. Well no more beating around the bush (pun intended), it’s time to lift the veil and look at how to properly and safely groom downstairs.

Trim With Extreme Care


To get started and make things easier you will want  to trim excess hair with a body groomer. This ensures the area is prepared for when you want a close shave with a razor later. Using a body groomer will give you a smoother and tidier look immediately with little fuss. There are several excellent body groomers on the market but the Phillips Bodygroom Series 1000 and the Braun Cruzer Body Groomer are best suited for our purposes.

The Phillips Bodygroom 1000 offers a close shave while being gentle on skin, prefect for the sensitive area you are about to shave. The groomer allows you to trim hair to 0.5 mm in length and there’s no danger of irritation or cuts (God forbid) as the added skin protector guards your skin from being directly exposed to the blades. You’re provided with a close shave with no discomfort.

The Braun Cruzer offers much of the same benefits when it comes to body grooming. The extra fine trimming elements and smaller blade teeth mean less chance of nicks and cuts. The addition of a sensitive comb attachment means you are safe to trim areas such as the groin with ease and peace of mind.

A Close Shave With A Good Razor

The body groomers mentioned above should be more than enough to offer a tidy, smooth look. However, if you’re after an even closer shave and you’re feeling brave, you can give your family jewels the once over with a razor.

It’s important to have a hot shower beforehand to open pores and soften the remaining hair. Once you are ready to shave apply a liberal amount of shaving cream to ensure a thick layer of protection between your skin and the blade. Use Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Clear Shave Gel so you can see where you are shaving and avoid any accidents.

Be sure to pull the skin taut to, again, avoid any nicks and cuts. If you’re having trouble getting the skin taut splash a little cold water on the area for added firmness. Slowly make a pass along the skin with gentle strokes and repeat the process until you are pleased with the result.

Call Upon The Aftershave Balm


You may think aftershave balm is only for your face, but for the purposes of this grooming ritual it can very much be used downstairs. If this is the first time you have shaved your nether regions then chances are you are going to suffer some irritation.

Redness, cuts and nicks are all unfortunate side effects of shaving and the last thing you want is to suffer these ailments down below. Apply a soothing aftershave balm that has no alcohol to avoid stinging and dry skin.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive After Shave Multi Repairing Balm is just what you need to soothe those great ball of fire post shave. The formula soothes and hydrates while restoring skin’s protective barrier, great news if you decide to make downstairs manscaping a regular thing.

Don’t Neglect Day-To-Day Care Down There


The tricky part is now over, you’re freshly shaven and now it’s just a case of keeping the area just that…fresh. Besides talcum powder there isn’t much in the way of grooming products for your family jewels.

Fortunately, Below The Belt Grooming have been kind enough to release a line of grooming products specifically for your junk that will keep you fresh and comfortable all day long.

Following your shave you may be prone to uncomfortable chaffing which can lead to itching. Apply Below The Belt Sports Lubricant to prevent painful chaffing whether you’re on the treadmill or just in the office.

For added and continual freshness use Below The Belt Groin Confidence for a fresh and clean sensation and to limit unpleasant odours.

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