15+ Masculine & Stylish Garages That You Will Want To Live In

You’ve spent plenty of time and money on the surface appearance of your bachelor pad, but what about where you stow away one of your most prized possessions? Your car, of course.

The garage isn’t just an abyss beneath your house to store that unused tool box you reluctantly inherited and dusty gardening equipment yet to see the light of day. These days, the garage is a place to showcase the range of your rides, and to escape. Yes, that’s right. Many magnificent bastards around the world consider the garage to be a ‘man cave’ of sorts.

As such, we’ve put together 15+ masculine and stylish garages to spark some man cave ideas and inspirations for the next time you feel a wave of DIY decoration come over you. Click through the slideshow and start getting crafty with the whereabouts of your automobiles.