Music Masterclasses: Online Courses You Need

Unleash your inner rock god.

For the fortunate few who are still able to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, the next few weeks and months will be a test of resistance, as you do your best to prevent yourself from being distracted by others in your home.

For those who have found themselves with a lot more free time during the day than they’re used to, you can put a positive spin on the lockdown and use it to learn a new skill. If you already fancy yourself a bit of a demon in the kitchen (or have no interest in learning to cook), then maybe you have more of an interest in music.

But if you don’t know your A flat from your G chord, then you’re going to need some tuition. Fortunately, Masterclass has a wealth of talent comprising some of the biggest names in the industry, just waiting to teach you all there is to know about making music, from production to playing guitar to singing.

So, without further ado.


If you’re a fan of hip hop and RnB, then you’ll likely know who Timbaland is. The record producer, rapper and songwriter has worked with some of the biggest names around, including Jay Z, Beyoncé, Madonna and Drake. In 12 lessons, Timbaland will take you through the processes of working with vocalists, layering tracks together and ultimately creating beats to keep you hooked.

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Christina Aguilera

When it comes to vocal range, Christina Aguilera consistently ranks among the very best. The five-time Grammy Award winner will teach how to control your breathing, how best to warm-up your voice before tackling a song, and how she delivers her trademark growls. 

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Tom Morello

Tom Morello is responsible for creating one of the biggest bands in rock music history: Rage Against The Machine. The guitarist – who ranks among Rolling Stone’s greatest of all time – is on hand to teach you the iconic riffs that catapulted him to stardom, along with his trademark solos. Not only that, but he will take you through the approach to writing songs that made him famous. 

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Herbie Hancock

If you’d rather try your hands at tickling the ivory, what better than to have legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock guide you through the ways of the piano, from improvising solos, to composing full scores. 

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Hans Zimmer

In the world of film scores, Hans Zimmer is without doubt one of the most recognised and revered in the industry. He’s been responsible for creating soundtracks for over 150 films, including The Dark Knight and Inception. In this 31-lesson course, Hans will show you how to create theme tunes for specific characters, how to get inventive with creating new sounds, and creating music for a film before you’ve even seen it. 

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