Matthew McConaughey Proves Why Everyone Needs A Good Tailor (Even Celebrities)

An oscar winner, with an epic rig and that southern accent, Matthew McConaughey is arguably one of the coolest cats in Hollywood. On the red carpet for the premier of his latest film ‘The Dark Castle’, McConaughey wears a rather outlandish aubergine suit.

Whilst we’re all for colourful suits, it’s hard to not notice the poor fit of the ensemble. What’s quite clear is the jacket and trousers are too long and while he’s been pushed and pulled for photos he’s slowing fallen apart.

We do like the unbuttoned white shirt cuffs popping out, this is something we hope to see more of.

Also on the red carpet was the man who can do no wrong Idris Elba looking super sharp in his Gucci schoolboy inspired getup.