McDonald’s Bonkers New Fitness Feature Sparks Debate In America

"I’ve seen a lot in 2021 but this takes the cake."

McDonald’s Bonkers New Fitness Feature Sparks Debate In America

An intimidating new fitness feature in a Chinese McDonald’s has gone viral, and now Americans are wondering if this Black Mirror style seat could make its way across the pond. 

The source of the controversy? Instilling pedals into McDonald’s seats, so that you can pedal, stationary bike style, while you eat. A popular TikTok video by TikTok user @cris13yu brought this to the world’s attention, with commenters from all around the globe chiming in with comments like: “McFitness” and “This is like using your phone while charging.”

Further witticisms and suggestions included: “only order water and workout for an hour” and “bad for your digestive system… eating needs a relaxed state so it can be digested well.”

A couple more choice comments were: “Still more calories consumed than burned” and “I wish they have this in sg.”

Some even said: “we need this,” tagging their friends and saying: “this concept is amazing.”

“Black Mirror vibes” one TikTok commented added. Another asked: “Do you make free electricity for McDonald’s there?”

The video was also shared by American biohacker Dave Asprey, who had ~thoughts~ about it.

He posted the video to Instagram with the following caption: “Continuing the myth that you can out-exercise a bad diet.”

“No, you don’t earn a potato chip just by using the treadmill. 90% of how you look is what you eat. Muscle and hydration are the other 10%.”

“That being said, going for a walk or even doing a few air squats after a meal will keep your blood sugar from rising as high, because your body will put the blood sugar to work in the muscles that you are moving.”

His followers had strong opinions on this McFitness invention, too. Some McLoved it and some McHated it.

Some of the haters’ comments included: “Not that there are nutrients in that meal, but being active while eating activates the sympathetic nervous system… She won’t digest that food very well,” as well as “This is completely backward and wholly detrimental to our bodies ability to properly digest food that’s been eaten. Wow!”

“This is the dumbest, unhealthiest sad combination of events. I’m shocked this is real.”

Some kept an open mind though. One user simply hashtagged “gains.” Another wrote: “I mean….technically you can out exercise a ‘bad-diet’. If weight management is merely a balance of calories in versus calories out and you expend enough calories throughout the day then you could certainly out exercise that double quarter pounder meal with bacon.”

Along a similar vein, others made remarks like: “I’d still rather be doing this than nothing” and “I have to say, one of my favorite ‘hacks’ of all time is a post prandial walk and air squats if I overdo it, which can happen even with healthy foods that are more starchy than my body can handle. I notice a huge difference – no more crashes!”

There you have it. Some controversy so start your Wednesday morning.

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