Pink Floyd's Drummer Crashes Ultra Rare McLaren F1 GTR

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has sent his £3M McLaren F1 GTR into a wall, making it one very expensive McLaren crash that won't be easily forgotten.

In the world of exotic supercars, everything is sacred. That’s especially the case when the subject is a rare 1995 McLaren F1 GTR worth a staggering £3M in today’s coin.

And just on cue, someone has put it into a wall – that someone being Pink Floyd’s drummer, Nick Mason, no less. As a keen collector of historic race cars, the 73-year-old English musician is no novice to Goodwood but it seemed luck wasn’t on his side for this particular Sunday.

In a parade lap of Goodwood Circuit for the 75th Members’ Meeting, Mason took his McLaren F1 GTR out for a spin alongside historic other priceless Porsche racing road cars and a Ferrari F40 LM edition. That spin turned quite literal when Mason left the tarmac and sent his bright red McLaren straight into a tyre barrier before spinning and resting on the greenery. Mason got out of the car unharmed and took walk around the car to assess the damage.

We can’t imagine what the owner would have felt in those dire moments but we can definitely resonate with the commentator of the race who reacted with: “Oh my golly!”

Thankfully from the video the damage only looks cosmetic, but it’s still not the most ideal way to end your week.