McLaren Pays Tribute To Ayrton Senna With The Fastest P1 GTR Ever

Best not to use this one for a cancer charity drive.

McLaren Senna

30 years. That’s how long it’s been since Ayrton Senna won his first Formula One title back in 1988 behind the wheel of a McLaren-Honda. He’d eventually go onto winning three titles in total making him one of the most successful drivers of the golden era.

Fast forward to 2018 and one very dedicated McLaren fan has honoured the late Brazilian driver with a very special version of the McLaren P1 GTR finished in the iconic red and white Malboro cigarette livery.

As Top Gear pointed out, it is somewhat ironic that the well-heeled customer didn’t pay tribute to Senna with an actual McLaren Senna…but that’s beside the point. This particular P1 GTR is brutally capable and actually looks better than any tarted up Senna will – as it should considering it reportedly took 800 hours to paint and three years to complete.

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Commissioned through McLaren Special Operations, the P1 GTR nicknamed ‘Beco’ – the same nickname Senna’s parents gave him – sports enhanced power of an unspecified figure and increased downforce in the region of 800kg. Like the original McLaren F1 supercar, the P1 also features 24ct gold heat shielding, a lightweight Lexan rear panel and modified engine bay shrouds.

On the inside there’s your usual fair of Alcantara, carbon fibre and not much else that doesn’t serve the purpose of going fast. A nice touch is the door sill which is inscribed with one of Senna’s most famous quotes: “I am not designed to finish 2nd or 3rd…I am designed to win”.

That’s not all though. The savvy customer even ordered a custom helmet finished in matching Malboro livery.

Best not to use this one for a cancer charity drive day.