How Not To Cross The Harbour Bridge In A McLaren

The universal notion of a Sunday Cruise was given a rude awakening tonight when a AU$450,000 McLaren 650S was totalled on Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge.

The accident occurred at around 7:30pm in a south-bound lane which left the exotic in an irreparable state.

The photo taken by The Motor Tailor just moments after the accident shows a white McLaren 650S wearing a striking red stripe with its gull wing doors opened and the rear suspension arms completely ripped off – wheels included.

Carbon fibre panels, aluminium suspension arms and wires can be seen strewn around the car making for one of the saddest moments in Sydney’s supercar scene.

The Motor Tailor reported that both the driver and passenger walked away okay however their wallets maybe half a million dollars lighter after tonight.

Expensive weekend indeed.