Melbourne Takes Hipster Coffee Too Far With A New Trend

It’s one thing to charge sleepy commuters a hefty $4.50 for their large skim lattes every morning, but it’s another thing to charge the same when the customer has to put it together themselves. Yes, that’s right. Melbourne cafes are now selling ‘deconstructed coffee’.

Served on a paddle (a bit like beer tasting), your deconstructed coffee comes in three separate cups – one with espresso, one with milk and one with water.

Sure, if you’re one of those annoying, picky customers who demands a coffee with all the bells and whistles then the ‘deconstructed’ version means you can tailor your caffeinated beverage to suit your exact needs, but for everyone else, doesn’t it just mean you’ve got one hell of a lazy barista on your hands?

It’s not just the DIY coffees that are ruffling feathers, these days you can’t walk into a cafe without being confronted by cold brews, carbonated coffee or complicated latte art conjuring up images of intricate froth floating on top of a very lukewarm cup.

So unless you’re a bearded psuedo-intellectual who loves himself a bit of overpriced smashed avo on sourdough, then we’re not sure how well this ‘deconstructed’ coffee situation is going to go down.

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