Bathroom Accessory Essentials For The Modern Man's Sanctuary

Often over-looked, the loyal bathroom supports you throughout your busy day and night routines. If your bathroom is resembling more of a public toilet than a 5-Star hotel ensuite, allow us to guide you in transforming your bathroom so it can support you, your gym socks and even that sexy little thing you intend to bring home.

Quality Towels

You’re a king, so you deserve towels that are fit for that role too. Invest in a large supply of good quality and varied sized towels: big ones for your body and smaller ones for your hands and face.

Whether you’re into white, pattern or waffle, Citta Design has everything you need.

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A Quality Bath Robe

A bathrobe also won’t go astray, as much as Brad Pitt pulls off that fluffy purple teacup robe in Fight Club, we suggest you go for something a little more refined, like any of the robes over at Hugo Boss.

To up your towel and luxury game, throw in a heated towel rack, we can promise you won’t regret it.

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Shall we face it? You’re never going to smell any better. In fact just like a good cheese, you’re probably only going to get smellier with age. Lucky for you, we have a few tricks to mask and even reduce the smells that are going on in and around your throne.

Malin + Goetz earth-friendly candles feature a blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes, resulting in a cleaner and better burn. We particularly love their smooth Dark Rum and Cannabis selections.

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Hit up your local florist and get yourself an indoor plant that doesn’t just look good, but also helps to eliminate odours. Through the process of photosynthesis, there is a range of suitable plants that will purify the air (thank you, Mother Nature). Look for Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Bamboo, a Cactus variety or a Boston Fern.

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A Laundry Basket

Again, we don’t want to harp on about the smelly thing, but to avoid your clothes rotting on the bathroom floor, investing in a laundry basket with a lid is not a bad idea. These fine-weave rattan baskets from Satara will add a luxe resort feel to your washroom.

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Bath Mat

Not only are slatted timber bath mats anti-bacterial, but they will also save you from having to regularly wash a typical towel floor mat. The ‘Hinoki’ is a Japanese designed mat that even has a natural lemon infused aroma for ultimate relaxation.

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A Bathroom Kit

Be prepared for those unexpected or planned over-night guests. Be sure to stock up on a few essentials: spare toothbrush, hair wash and a quality cleanser and moisturizer will get them cheering.

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A Stainless Steel Bin

Do. Not. Forget. This. A bin in the bathroom is a complete necessity. There is nothing more frustrating that using a restroom without any kind of disposal system, the last thing you want is to be calling the plumber over a range of clogged and mysterious items that have been flushed down the toilet.

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A Minimal Bathroom Tray

Finally! Here’s a good to buy products based solely on their packaging. Frame up a curated range of your best luxuries on a marble tray or platter, keeping in mind that often less is more here. Displaying these items as such will deter your bathroom counter from looking cluttered and unorganized, instead it will be projected into the upper tiers of bathroom sophistication.

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A Stool Or Side Table

Particularly if you have a lack of countertop space or an extra large bathroom, incorporate a Stool or Side Table into your bathroom setting. Whether you choose to use it as a place to perch your bottom or prop your towel on, this piece of furniture can do wonders for both the style, convenience and functionality of your bathroom.

And before we’re over and out, we have one more tip, for bathroom essentials don’t forget to get those scrubbing gloves on every now and then!

Bathroom Accessory Essentials FAQ

What are the best bath towels?

Towel shopping should be based on your personal preference, but if you want a super soft, ultra-absorbent towel, look for 100% cotton. A cotton-poly blend is also a good option if you prefer quick-drying and more durability.

What candle scent is best for stress-relief?

Aromatherapy is a good way to help you unwind. Linen scents are calming, as well as vanilla and lavender. If you want a strong scent, go for eucalyptus or spearmint.

How to choose plants for your bathroom?

Not all plants are well suited for the conditions found in your bathroom. Succulents will rot if kept constantly moist, while evergreens may develop powdery mildew in high humidity.