Men’s Hairstyle Terms You Need To Know

Stay a cut ahead with a few crafty words.

Men’s Hairstyle Terms You Need To Know

You know how the men’s hair game works. You drop by to see your stylist, picture in hand of the latest celebrity hairstyle you’ve seen lurking about. The talented Mr. Scissorhands asks what you’re after and you cordially flash them the picture without any further spiel.

Choosing the right hairstyle doesn’t need to be one-dimensional. Contrary to common belief amongst men, choosing the right hairstyle can be insightful, engaging and most importantly, simple.

We’re all for education here at D’Marge so we took it to one of the best in Sydney to run you guys through all the terminology that matters in men’s hair styling. Anthony Nader of RAW teaches you what to ask for and exactly what to expect for your next perfect cut.

Dust Off

This basically means the haircut you have when you’re not having a haircut. It involves ‘dusting’ the very edges off without anyone noticing you’ve been sitting in the hairdresser’s hot seat.


This means releasing the weight by scissors or a razor where needed throughout the haircut to give it a variation of different hair lengths. Ultimately the result is to give an ‘airiness’ feel to the final cut.

Blunt Edges

Ask for this one when you want your ends to feel super clean and freshly snipped so there’s a perfect blunt edge.

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Keeping The Sides Square

It’s exactly as the name suggests here guys. Think like a square shape with the added strength and weight on the sides above your ears. This will leave the sides heavier as opposed to having a rounded shape.

Rounding Off The Sides

This one’s perfect for the guys who find that their hair strands grow too thick and fast on the sides. Rounding off the sides will knock it back more so than staying square on the sides.


You want rebellion? You got it. Add a dash of rebelliousness in the front with your fringe. Bear in mind you’ll need length so you can mess it up into an Elvis style scroll.


Mess your hair with care is the easiest way to put it. This basically means a care-free, soft, uncontrived and lived-in look. Think anything but polished and restricted.

Point Cutting

This one’s a term used for cutting in triangles (so to speak) in the ends of the hair to give it different shorter and longer lengths. The final result you’ll see here is a style with more volume.

Fade Out

Fade is the classic barbering technique where the hair goes from tight/super short around the hairline to fading up the head getting gradually longer. Extremely popular amongst men today.

Soft Hairline

This one’s about keeping the hair around your hairline more natural and soft by working with the natural hairline. This technique avoids the malpractice of cutting in a bold blunt outline which can look artificial.