Mercedes-Benz To Take On Tesla With Electric Sports Car


The unstoppable Tesla juggernaut born from the electric vision of Elon Musk will soon have to compete with the world’s most formidable automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

According to reports from Australia’s Motoring magazine, Mercedes-Benz Australia executive David McCarthy revealed that the German marque is set to unveil a high-performance electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle is believed to have a range of about 482km which puts it squarely on par with Tesla’s Model S P90D 509km range. This gives Tesla a “good reason to be concerned about it,” according to McCarthy. Given the top of the range Model S P90 retails for AU$215,000 locally, Mercedes will have to ensure that their tentative US$200,000 asking price is worth the bacon when it goes on sale in 2018.

This shouldn’t be a major issue since the brand already has a winning reputation in both motorsports and luxury vehicles. With the vast distances between cities in Australia, this news will come as a welcome amongst the growing fans of electric performance vehicles.

An electric version of the AMG GT R? Now there’s a scarily good idea.

[via Autoblog]