Mexico Does The Unimaginable With Its Presidential Jet

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

To many wannabe ballers, turning your nose up at a private jet you inherited for free would be unthinkable. But while some people would do anything to have a private jet, others are desperate to get rid of the one they already own.

Enter: austerity advocate (and Mexico president) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who takes commercial flights, and who has decided his presidential private jet – a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – which he inherited from his predecessors, is an “insult” to the people of Mexico. To rectify the situation, he has been trying to sell the jet, but to no avail.

Unable to sell it (he’s been trying for three years – basically ever since he’s been in office), he has now decided to offer to rent it out to birthday and wedding planners.

“The plane is being handed over so it can be rented, so it’s being used, so it’s flying and can generate an income,” Lopez Obrador said at a news conference.

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The plane is to be given to a military construction company – Olmeca Maya Mexica – which is also in charge of operating various airports and the president’s “Mayan Train” project.

Obrador gave the example of someone “getting married and is going to take their family and friends” by air, and also said it could be rented out for birthdays and company trips.

The plane was bought for approximately $218 million (AU $289 million) during former President Felipe Calderon’s 2006-2012 term in office. The only one to use it though, was his successor, Enrique Pena Nieto (who was in office from 2012 to 2018).

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The presidential jet is super customised, and has an executive bedroom, a private bathtub and seats up to 80 people.

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We’re sure there will be some people there who simply can’t fathom why a person would sell a private jet they inherited for free. But as they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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