Mia Khalifa’s New Travel Hack Is As Dirty A Trick As You’d Expect

Old habits die hard.

Mia Khalifa’s New Travel Hack Is As Dirty A Trick As You’d Expect

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“Internet sensation” turned influencer and body-jewellery entrepreneur, Mia Khalifa, recently pulled off a crafty travel manoeuvre that left fellow passengers stunned.

Travel hacks are one of holidaying’s best developments in recent memory. From hacks that will help you travel for free, get a free lunch, or the more unethical hack for beating ‘recline rage’, all of them are interesting but some are more successful than others. This week, former p*rnstar turned influencer and entrepreneur, Mia Khalifa, added a sneaky new move to our travel hacks roster that is just as dirty a trick as you might expect…

While returning from a much-needed getaway, the 30-year-old found herself separated from her friend during the flight. But rather than accepting the unfortunate seating arrangement, Mia hatched a brilliant plan that involved a heartwarming, albeit totally fabricated, story in a nefarious but wholly successful effort to reunite the separated travel companions, as reported by The Daily Star.

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Taking to her Instagram stories to leak the hack to her twenty-seven million followers, Mia revealed how she convinced a fellow passenger that she and her friend were actually on their honeymoon together and, therefore, were so desperately in love that they couldn’t possibly be separated for the duration of the flight. Moved by the sob story, the kind-hearted stranger willingly swapped seats, allowing Mia and her pal to enjoy their flight side by side. Celebrating her slyness, she captioned her upload thus:

“Told someone it was our honeymoon so they’d switch seats.”

Mia Khalifa

The clever maneuver resulted in the influencer and her friend settling into the many comforts of business class side by side, where they indulged in in-flight snacks and spent their time watching TikToks together. To add an extra touch of braggadocious flair to her simple but devastatingly effective ruse, Mia featured a song from American singer Lana Del Rey, wittingly using the titular track from her 2015 album, “Honeymoon.”

While the faux honeymoon trick seemed to have worked like a charm, with the pair relishing their time together before arriving home in the early hours of Saturday morning, this adventure accounts for just one of Mia’s many recent travel escapades. Earlier this month, she battled mosquitos while on vacation, reportedly yet another ingenious travel hack as she found a clever way to keep the blood-sucking pests at bay while enjoying herself poolside in Florida.

Image: @miakhalifa

The cute, clever, if somewhat inconvenient trick involves switching on a pretty powerful bubble machine, with the soap in the bubbles seeming to repel any pesky insects. Describing how it saved her from a plethora of insect bites, albeit at the expense of her poolside aesthetic, she captioned her upload with this disgruntled comment:

“This is literally the ONLY way I can sit outside in Florida without getting eaten bc mosquitos can’t fly through the bubbles… It’s really cute but it ruins my pool.”

Mia Khalifa

As Khalifa continues to share her adventures and creative hacks with her followers, she proves that sometimes a little ingenuity can go a long way in making the most of any seemingly inconvenient situation. So, next time you find yourself separated from your travel buddy, consider channelling your inner Mia Khalifa… but not in the way your inner-teenager might be thinking.