Man Shows Off The Smallest Apartment In New York City

You won't believe people live here...

Man Shows Off The Smallest Apartment In New York City

Image Credit: @erikconover and @iamcashjordan

A man has taken to Instagram to share what he calls the smallest apartment in NYC. The apartment measures 55ft squared. It is on the market for $1,400 a month.

Youtuber Eric Conover has taken to social media to show off one of the smallest apartments in New York. The apartment measures about 5 metres squared and is on the market for $1,400 a month. This is cheap compared to the average monthly rental price of an apartment in New York, which is around $4,000.

Not everyone thought it was a great deal though. Various Instagram commenters took to their keyboards with fury, writing such comments as: “1400????? nah lol” and “NYC is a scam at this point.” Further shocked comments included: “It is absolutely ridiculous how you could rent a 3 story house with that money where I live” and “Just when you think you’ve seen it all.”

“This sh makes me kinda mad.”

Others said if you’re that desperate, you should “just get a roommate.” Yet others questioned how hygienic your life would be (“definitely not where is the effin shower”). Others said you are better off moving to a less expensive area (“you no need to live in the lower east side . I pay 1100 and I have plenty of more space . And in Bushwick, that is a lot of fun as well”).

“I love NY but no way… you pay that and it’s a SHARED bathroom.”

That being said, some found it a tasty proposition. One Instagram user wrote: “ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. NYC IS EVERYTHING.” Another said: “Give it to me right now.”

To each their own.

This isn’t the first time the New York Property market has come under scrutiny in recent years, with the New York City property market taking a nosedive in 2020 (although judging by this latest video prices have not fallen too far). Even paying for a parking spot in New York City now costs more than renting an apartment in some other places in the world…

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