Cierra Mist’s ‘Mile High Club’ Advice Divides The Internet

"So that's what turbulence is."

Cierra Mist’s ‘Mile High Club’ Advice Divides The Internet

A flight attendant has just shared a video explaining how to join the ‘mile high club’ without getting caught. Many people were amazed, while others were horrified, preferring to believe the mile-high club is just a myth.

A flight attendant has left the good people of TikTok scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes. That’s right: though you might have thought the ‘mile high club’ was a relic from the past, an urban myth, or something too risque to ever contemplate, according to @cierra_mistt – with the right level of planning – it can actually be a ~thing~.

Cierra explains in her video that you need to select your seat “either right next to the restroom or in the very back row.” She then says: “once we’re up in the air and we complete our service of drinks and snacks, normally flight attendants either hang out in one area with each other in the front, in the back or in the crew rest rooms.”

She continues: “Now, while it’s mandatory for us to do walk-throughs to make sure everything’s going smooth we only have to do them every 20-30 minutes. I think you know where I’m going on this one.”

WATCH: Flight attendant @cierra_mistt explains how to join the mile high club without getting caught

“After that walk-through you have about 20-30 minutes to do your thing and unless a passenger sees you doing it flight attendants are not going to. Between you me, and the flight attendants and pilots, if they see something, 99% [of the time] they just bat a blind eye.”

She then said she’s not telling people to go and do it, but just “do with that information as you will.”

Hundreds of comments have amassed below her video. The response was divided into two camps. First, there are those that can’t believe that – in this day and age, where you usually have to queue to use the bathroom, and where most flights are chock full of people – anyone would be brazen enough to think they might be able to join the mile high club without another passenger noticing.

Comments left beneath Cierra’s video. Images via TikTok

As one TikTok user put it: “I honestly thought it was a myth!” Cierra responded to this “it’s literally our own in-flight entertainment.” Others said they thought it was rude and gross. One wrote: “or u can just like not do it and wait till u land and get to your house or hotel.”

“Don’t do it the bathrooms rarely get cleaned.”

Another asked what the consequence of getting caught would be, to which Cierra replied: “Maybe embarrassing remarks from staff… Other than that (and coming from first hand) the reward >>>>>>> the risk.”

Another TikTok user quipped: “So that’s what turbulence is.”

Yet others simply could not get past the horror of imagining “opening the door after and someone is waiting to want to use the toilet as you both have to walk out.” And really – that’s a pretty fair concern.

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