Mint 1986 Toyota Landcruiser For Sale In Australia For A Crazy Price

From cult classic to collectors item.

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Damn. This is a real tasty piece we have featured today on Car Rave. A stunning 1986 Toyota FJ62 LandCruiser for you to ogle at. I think I am in love.

I have been pining after a Cruiser for a while now. But I need to move quickly though because prices are just getting insane. How insane? I’m talking approaching six-figure insanity. I’m not joking. For an old LandCruiser. What?

Many people remember these cars as humble mum-buses (or Dad’s) that could be found putting around the suburbs throughout the 80’s. In recent years, however, they have become a cult classic. Well, they were a cult classic. Now prices and popularity are more relative to that of a bonafide collectors car. The train has well and truly left the station. And I am 100% aboard.

I think their appeal and popularity arose from the fact that it’s a cool old classic 4×4 that you can actually use. They’re hugely capable off-road, big inside, look handsome, have great parts support, can easily be rebuilt and are relatively easy to work on. Just throw the family in, and drive anywhere – no need to be precious.

Just waiting for a road trip…

For me, I was drawn in after spotting an example not unlike this one scooting through Tokyo about 5 years ago – in stark contrast to its environment. At that time, the 60-series LandCruiser scene back home was still very much all about huge muddies, big flares and snorkels. To see a stripped back LandCruiser with no 4×4 accessories and in mint condition was quite obscure to my bogan eyes.

Australia’s 60-series scene is very much changing (some would say gentrified), and this example is very much channelling the Japanese style (popularised by companies such as Flex Dream). It’s a recipe of dog dish capped steelies wrapped in BFGoodrich All-Terrains, stock chrome bumpers, standard paint and no accessories. Sure, that doesn’t sound too practical if you genuinely want to go off-road. But, it makes for a perfect classic daily 4×4 that you can use as a roadtrip steed when needed, and if push comes to shove, it will still demolish some pretty decent tracks.

Old wheels, who dis?

If you want it, move quick. An example like this won’t hang around too long. And it’s priced pretty well considering the current popularity of these old rigs.

Do it before I find myself calling the bank manager. Find it on Gumtree here for $21.9k.

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