21 Modern Cabins For The Stylish Mountain Man

Modern Cabins

When you think of spending a night in the wilderness, you picture something rugged. The walls are timber and the furnishings are rustic. The décor leans towards antiques and wall-mounted animal heads. A wood burning stove is your only heat.

But these are not your great grandfather’s cabin, or his grandfather’s cabin, or his grandfather’s grandfather’s cabin. These modern cabins are the next generation of wilderness retreats – contemporary in both design and execution, perfect for the man who wants to experience rural life and city style simultaneously.

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The architects of these back country dwellings faced unique challenges. Cabins are meant to be cosy and inviting, but modern design can seem cold. Cabins are also meant to complement their surroundings, to blend with the environment and serve as an escape into nature. It’s hard to picture a state-of-the-art structure that achieves both.

Against the odds, architects around the world have made it happen. This gallery of modern cabins spans the globe from New York to Norway, Hungary to Scotland, Canada to Sri Lanka, and back again. One look through, and you’ll be reaching for the plaid and itching to start work on your mountain man beard.