Achtung!! A ‘Berlin’ Money Heist Spinoff Is In The Works

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Spoiler alert: the following article contains spoilers for the show Money Heist.

La Casa De Papel – it’s the Spanish show that took the world by storm when Netflix picked it up and renamed it Money Heist. And as anyone who’s seen the series can attest, it’s one of the best crime shows in recent history.

The series focuses on a group of robbers as they try to pull off the greatest heist in Spanish history – stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. The group is led by The Professor and the series is narrated by Tokyo; a woman with absolutely nothing to lose.

There’s a Money Heist spinoff coming… Image Credit: Netflix

Plus, Money Heist has had a huge influence on pop culture; as an example, millions now dress up like the characters for Halloween. Therefore, fans were understandably upset when the series ended for good late last year.

However, according to Deadline, Netflix does have a Money Heist spinoff in the works. Now, there are next to no details about this spinoff; only that Berlin will be the main character and the show is set to be released next year in 2023.

It’s likely that the new series will act as a prequel to Money Heist as the character Berlin AKA Andrés de Fonollosa tragically (spoiler!) died in Season 2 by sacrificing himself near the end of the Royal Mint of Spain heist so the others could escape.

It’s no surprise that Berlin is the character Netflix chose to focus on in this spinoff as he was beloved by fans for his charisma, charm and wit. The character was even heavily featured in flashbacks throughout Seasons 3-5 just so fans could get their Berlin fix. But there’s no official word yet on whether Pedro Alonso has signed on to reprise the role.

The spinoff will focus on Berlin. Image Credit: Netflix

Considering he played Berlin to absolute perfection in Money Heist – so much so that he won a prestigious Spanish Actors Union award – and is hugely responsible for Berlin’s popularity with viewers, it’d be crazy to go ahead with a Berlin spinoff without Alonso.

That said, since there has been no official announcement, at this stage it’s still possible the spinoff could feature another actor as Berlin, if the show’s directors don’t come to an agreement with Alonso, for instance, or if the show is about Berlin as a child.

Only time will tell exactly what the show will be about though, and who will play Berlin. So stay tuned, and cross your fingers that it’s Alonso…

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