Become A Morning Person With This Simple Hack

"Force yourself to workout in the morning."

Become A Morning Person With This Simple Hack

Dr Andrew Huberman says working out earlier in the day, and at the same time every day, will turn you into a morning person.

Are you a night owl who wishes to become an early bird? You’re in luck. There’s a (semi) easy trick that’ll make you more alert in the mornings.

During a recent episode of The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes’ popular business and self-development podcast – Dr Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, revealed that exercising earlier in the day will make you a “morning person.”

“If you can shift [your] workout [to] earlier in the day, you will soon become a morning person.”

Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Huberman said this is because of anticipatory circuits, which he explained increase your energy. But to reap the full benefits of anticipatory circuits, you must ensure you’re exercising at the same time every day.

WATCH: Dr Huberman discusses anticipatory circuits…

“People should also know that if you work out at the same time for three or four days, your body builds in an anticipatory circuit. You will feel an energy increase a few minutes before that workout.”

Dr Andrew Huberman

The neuroscientist did admit that working out earlier in the day will be tough for both night owls and people who usually hit the gym at night time. But Dr Huberman believes pushing through is definitely worth it as eventually, you’ll start to feel more awake.

“It might not be as natural as somebody who naturally wakes up at 4.30 or 5 in the morning. But let’s say you’re, you want to get on an earlier schedule, you want to get that morning light… Force yourself to workout in the morning and by the second or third day of doing that, you will start to feel more alert as you arrive to the workout because there are these anticipatory circuits.”

Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Huberman also said that another huge benefit to working out in the morning rather than at night is that you’ll sleep better. He has first-hand experience with this and even said his preference “is to always work out as early in the day as possible” because he then sleeps extremely well.

So night owls, go forth and hit the gym in the am – not the pm – and soon, you’ll be the early bird you desire to be. Tweet tweet.

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