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Best Mountain Bike Shoe Brands That Are Tyred And Tested

Mountain bike shoes are specially designed bike shoes that have evolved alongside the development of the mountain bike. The rough terrain and athletic, full-body movements of mountain bike riding demand the kind of shoes that will keep the rider firm on the pedals and absorb any unpredictable bumps along the way.

Like the development of their mountain bikes, brands apply the same amount of resources and attention towards developing the best mountain bike shoes. From performance brands such as Five Ten and Shimano to the casual styles of brands like Ride Concepts and Lake, there are mountain bike shoes for all types of riders.

Flat pedal shoes & clipless mountain bike shoes

The two most common types of mountain bike shoes are flat pedal shoes and clipless mountain bike shoes. Neither one is better than the other, but both serve a specific function and depend on what kind of rider you are and are some of the best mountain bike shoes.

The flat pedal shoes are exactly what the name suggests, with your feet positioned flat on the pedals. These are the perfect first shoes for beginner riders as the grip of the soles tends to be thicker and with grip that is resistant to any mud or dirt you may pick up along the way. These shoes are cheaper than their clipless counterparts and are styled more like a casual sneaker.

On the other hand, clipless mountain bike shoes use cleats to attach the shoes to the clipless pedals. They are the best option for pedal grip as they literally stick you to the pedal which ensures that there is a full power transfer to the bike. They should only be used for cross country riding or non-technical rides, and they should not be used on terrain that has verticality.

Understanding the Boa dial

A common feature that is always seen on the best mountain bike shoes, is the Boa dial. They usually appear along the bridge of the shoes, but can also be up near the tongue, and give you the freedom to adjust the fit. By twisting the dial, you either tighten or loosen the laces making for a personalised fit that allows you to go beyond the original construction of the shoes for extra comfort during your rides.

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