MUJI Opened Its First-Ever Minimalist Grocery Store In Tokyo

Who knew stocking up on produce could be so stylish?

MUJI grocery store

Is there anything MUJI can’t do? The Japanese retailer has brought its minimalist sensibility to everything from clothing, to home furnishings, to bicycles, to tiny houses. Soon it will be adding hotels to that list, and with the recent reopening of its global flagship in Tokyo, the “no-brand” brand has entered one of its most unexpected territories to date: a MUJI grocery store.

The sleek supermarket in Tokyo’s Yurakucho neighbourhood boasts a selection of in-season fruit and vegetables, alongside other packaged groceries. All produce comes directly from farms that employ minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers, or use none whatsoever.

“[City dwellers] have become far removed from the fields, farms, and fisheries where the food is produced, and have come to consume food simply as a commodity. Many people have no idea who produced the food, or the land or the sea that cultivated it,” said MUJI. “The goal of the vegetable/fruit market we created is to offer an opportunity for the customers to think about the producers and the places where the food came from, and review their relationship with food.”

“We will be offering vegetables with their inherent flavors, even if they do not meet the standards of shape and size,” the brand continued. “We plan on displaying a sign on each product, with a note from the producers and some seasonally-appropriate ways to eat them.”

The MUJI café, located on the second floor of the flagship, will serve freshly made bread, coffee, and soups made from the vegetables sold inside the marketplace. The store also displays a MUJI Hut, a micro living space designed to be erected nearly anywhere and to blend in with its surroundings.

Take a tour of the new MUJI grocery store in the gallery above.