Mulliner Gives The Bentley Bentayga A Fishy Makeover

Mulliner Bentley Bentayga

For the discerning gent who loves a good fishing expedition as much as a scenic drive in a luxury SUV, there is a reprieve.

Bentley‘s coach building division known as Mulliner have taken the new Bentayga SUV and custom built a fly fishing package inside to make it the ultimate outdoor companion.

The car features all the bells and whistles a fisherman would ever want, from a saddle leather trunk complete with white contrast stitching to Burr walnut finished surfaces all round.

There’s also four leather-wrapped tubes under the parcel shelf designed to securely hold fishing rods whilst the master tackle box, refreshment case and a compartment stores waders and boots on the cargo floor.

Fishing gear also comes pre-sorted by Mulliner with tools, hooks, feathers and four reel cases milled from billet aluminium. The refreshments box meanwhile comes with three metal flasks along with a set of fine tableware and a food storage compartment. The caviar you’ll need to supply yourself.

Mulliner don’t do things in halves though. The entire housing can fold out to double as seating and bench space and everything is waterproofed to ensure the Bentley stays dry and fresh throughout the greatest journeys. There’s even a dehumidifier which will stop your catch from permeating a smell through the cabin on the long haul home.

There’s no word yet on when Bentley will make the kit available but expect it to be priced north of the standard Bentayga’s US$300,000 asking price.