David Harbour & Pedro Pascal To Star In Awesome New Show

Yes please!

David Harbour & Pedro Pascal To Star In Awesome New Show

A new crime drama mini-series called My Dentist’s Murder Trial is on the way, and David Harbour and Pedro Pascal are set to star…

Worlds are going to collide when Stranger Things star, David Harbour and The Mandalorian star, Pedro Pascal star opposite one another in a new limited series. According to Variety, the show is currently in development at HBO and will be called My Dentist’s Murder Trial.

Inspired by a New Yorker article from 2017, also titled My Dentist’s Murder Trial, the series will tell the true story of Dr Gilberto Nunez – who was the dentist of the article’s author, James Lasdun – and how Nunez was accused of murdering his best friend, Thomas Kolman.

At this stage, it’s not yet been announced who Harbour and Pascal will play in My Dentist’s Murder Trial – although it’s likely that Harbour will play either Kolman or Lasdun and Pascal will play Nunez. What has been announced is that both actors are set to executively produce the series.

Harbour and Pascal are also known for their respective roles in Black Widow and Narcos. Image Credit: (L) Marvel Studios (R) Netflix

Steve Conrad, best known for writing the films The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Pursuit of Happyness, is set to write and executively produce My Dentist’s Murder Trial. Conrad will also direct the first episode.

Currently, there’s no exact release date for the new mini-series. But considering Harbour won’t start filming for Stranger Things Season 5 until next year, and Pascal has completed filming for The Mandalorian Season 3 and the highly anticipated upcoming series The Last Of Us (based on the video game of the same name), it’s likely that filming for My Dentist’s Murder Trial has either already begun or will begin very shortly.

Ultimately, this means that the series will probably land on HBO and its streaming services, HBO Max and Binge, next year in 2023. And we can’t wait because come on; Harbour and Pascal starring in a crime drama? It’s bound to be awesome.

If you’ve still not seen either Stranger Things or The Mandalorian, firstly, where the hell have you been? But, to rectify your error, you can stream them now on Netflix and Disney Plus, respectively.

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