New ‘Underwater’ Plane Cabin Design Will Blow Your Mind

Flying with the fishes.

New ‘Underwater’ Plane Cabin Design Will Blow Your Mind

The airline cabin designs for the 2022 Crystal Cabin Awards have been announced. From designs that throw light onto the wall, making you feel like you’re in an underwater aquarium, to bunk bed style suites and floating seat designs, there are a whole lot of options on display.

The most interesting of which, however, we reckon, is The Explorer. This design comes from Lufthansa Technik, who worked with Diehl Aerospace to bring the creation to life (the design was first unveiled last year, but is still quite new, and is still in the design stages).

The Explorer is made for private jets. It covers your cabin ceiling and walls with projections, which can range from relaxing underwater scenes to a disco type decor.

Lufthansa Technik describes it as its pioneering cabin design for long-haul aircraft, explaining that it helps your adventures start as soon as you arrive at the airport – no matter where you’re flying.

Why? It’s basically a personal “flying hotel” and it gives you all comfort you’d have in a five-star hotel on the ground. 

Lufthansa Technik explains: “In developing the cabin floor plan, we placed our emphasis on a wide range of possible use cases. Interior elements are deliberately kept multi-functional. In addition to classic room elements such as bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and conference areas, we show you a variety of new ideas.”

“Do your business but also enjoy life and explore the world or party with family and friends. Therefore, you have your own dedicated areas i.e . for mission briefings, dining, fitness or even a dance floor and SPA area.”

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“Furthermore, you can take all your special equipment with you. No matter if it is a car, offroad vehicle, wingsuite, wine cellar, exploration laboratory or even an emergency medical room – or anything else you might dream of.”

“We analyzed the typical elements of the Explorer boat class in order to transfer the design idea behind it from the water to the air, and thus into a new cabin design.”

Jan Grube, Sales Director in Lufthansa Technik’s VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services

In other news from the Crystal Cabin shortlist awards, a double-decker concept AirSleeper from engineering design company MMILLENNIUMM also made the cut.

A double-decker concept AirSleeper. Image Credit: MMILLENNIUMM

Another interesting nominee is Virgin Atlantic’s The Booth. The Booth is designed by Virgin Atlantic alongside the Factorydesign agency, and produced by cabin interior company AIM Altitude. The design was unveiled at the end of 2021.

“Now implemented on one of Virgin Atlantic’s A350 aircraft in its Upper Class cabins, The Booth is a lounge-style couch seat for two, surrounded by touchscreens and complemented by a table,” CNN Travel reports.

To read the full list of shortlisted cabin designs for 2022, check out Crystal Cabin Awards’ website.

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