Everything You Need To Know About Apple's Next iPhone

If recent leaks are to be believed, the sexiest cellular of the 21st century is in for some juicy upgrades.

Everything You Need To Know About Apple's Next iPhone

Image credit: Cnet.

Apple has a reputation for focussing on looks over performance, but—to the dismay of people who like to take photos of their phones and the joy of people who like to take photos with their phones—reports indicate that the upcoming iPhone 11 will have a powerful new camera bulging out of its top left-hand corner.

That plus a heap more upgrades. Let’s dive right in.

Triple Lens Front Camera

According to leaks by Silicon Valley’s version of Julian Assange, Steve H. McFly, (whose claims were recently bolstered by reports from the Wall St Journal and Bloomberg), Apple’s new iPhone will feature three rear-mounted cameras, a la the current Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is a step up from the two rear cameras Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max currently posses, which have one standard lens and one telephoto lens for zooming.

However, if you are thinking of buying one of the new lower range iPhones you may not benefit from this, as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reports suggest this feature will be reserved for Apple’s top model only.

Improved FaceID (& Selfie Camera)

For those that love a cheeky selfie, never fear: Apple’s front-facing camera is reportedly getting more than a facelift. According to tech website 9to5Mac, the new iPhone’s selfie camera will have a 12-megapixel capacity, a fair increase from the 7-megapixel cameras on the iPhones in Apple’s current range. This will, in turn, help Apple improve its facial recognition system, Bloomberg predicts.

Better Charging Capabilities

Business Insider reports, “Apple’s trio of new smartphones are also rumoured to feature reverse wireless charging for the first time.” For those that don’t like tangles: here’s hoping. Oh and the batteries themselves are, according to 9to5Mac, going to be up to 25% larger and thus capable of greater battery life.

New & Improved Processors

Business Insider today wrote that the new iPhones, “Will likely run on new and improved Apple processors that offer better performance.” Given that this happens every time Apple release a new iPhone, we’d hardly be going out on a limb to agree. That said, one Senior Technology Reviewer over at Forbes yesterday hinted that this year’s upgrades will be minor compared to what’s in store for 2020…

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