A New Brand Of Gin Claims It Can Reverse The Effects Of Aging

anti-aging gin

You’ve been told that clean living is the best way to age gracefully, so you try your best to drink water, eat healthy, wear sunscreen, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and avoid excessive alcohol. But what if a new brand of booze could make you look younger?

anti-aging gin

A new “anti-aging gin” claims to do exactly that. Anti-AGin contains a cocktail of age-defying botanicals and drinkable collagen, which the company says make it “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial.” The spirit comes from luxury hotel brand Warner Leisure Hotels, which commissioned the creative agency Bompas and Parr to bring it to life. If you can get past the cringeworthy name, the obvious question is: does Anti-AGin actually work?

STAT reports that a study published last year in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that oral ingestion of collagen might make skin more hydrated, which in turn could boost the overall appearance of the skin. It sounds promising, but the study only included 33 women, and that’s hardly a large enough trial to consider the results conclusive.

Anti-AGin also claims to smooth over sun damage, even out cellulite, and stop scars from forming – but once again, there’s no evidence to suggest that oral ingestion of collagen can do that.

Then again, if you’re drinking gin anyway, you might as well opt for one that could be the juniper-tinged fountain of youth.