Nike’s Most Luxurious Sneakers Ever Smash Through New Price Ceiling

Prices for the already expensive 'Air Diors' have reached a new level of crazy.

Nike’s Most Luxurious Sneakers Ever Smash Through New Price Ceiling

The Nike Air Jordan I is one of the most iconic and coveted sneakers of all time. Popular colourways and collaborative pairs regularly sell for many times more than their retail prices. But there’s one collaborative Jordan I that sits above the rest in terms of both hype and price: the ‘Air Dior’.

Released back in 2020, Nike’s collaboration with storied French grand couturier Christian Dior remains one of the most captivating collabs in sneaker history thanks to its incongruous combination of Dior’s sumptuous luxury materials and savoir-faire with the street culture icon that is the Jordan.

It also had a retail price of almost 10 times more than a normal pair of Jordan I – AU$2,000. Nike and Dior only made 8,500 pairs of these sneakers, making this a particularly limited release. Back in 2020, Air Diors were already going for AU$20,000 – but now, in 2022, they’ve reached truly silly levels.

Popular luxury retailer Farfetch is currently seeking a size US6 pair of Air Diors for AU$41,537 – over 20 times their retail price and therefore over 200 times the price of a normal pair of Jordan Is. That’s bloody ridiculous.

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Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Farfetch’s unique business model is partly to blame for that sky-high price tag. The way Farfetch works is that it connects online shoppers with small, often brick-and-mortar boutiques, rather than selling its own inventory.

Many of those boutiques Farfetch works/sources from are actually consignment stores and other luxury marketplaces, which is why Air Diors are appearing on the platform in the first place. It’s also why you can shop other ‘hyped’ brands like Palace and Supreme on Farfetch.

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So it’s probably some chancer who’s listed a silly price for that particular size, and because there’s only one size in stock, that’s what Farfetch is displaying. If you look at the other sizes Farfetch is offering, you’ll see they’re not quite as ridiculous. For example, you can buy a pair of US12s for ‘only’ AU$19,493.

It’s a similar situation over at StockX. The lowest price for a pair of Air Diors is currently AU$14,429 for US12s, but a whopping $46,943 for US15s. US15 is a pretty uncommon size (not like US6), but still…

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