Men Share Their Hilarious "No Fap" Experiences On Reddit

"I never thought I could pull it off..."

From, “Don’t expect women to come flocking towards you just because you haven’t jerked off in 2 days” to, “Isn’t it something to do with dopamine?” the feedback from the “no fap” movement has been both insightful and hilarious. The 90 day challenge, chronicled in a Reddit thread, “Get A New Grip On Life,” started as a few guys sharing how refraining from masturbation improved their lives, and—over the years—has grown into a full blown movement.

Many participants credit abstaining from masturbation with enhancing their motivation, vitality and social skills—so much so that they continue the trend even after the 90 days (or whatever time frame they set themselves) is up. So, what’s it really like not to w*nk for two months? Read on to find out.

Why They Did Took On The No Fap Challenge

  • Although some men took the challenge to address serious issues like porn addiction and anxiety, old mate Craig had an ulterior motive: “Think about all that precious life force ejaculated into Kleenex. Makes me sick just thinking about it.”
  • Other reasons, from other ‘fapstronauts’ included, “I’ve heard when you don’t fap the nutrients from your semen seep back into your body and make you stronger,” (hectic as this sounds, unfortunately it has been myth busted).
  • A 37 year old man called Rob revealed to Metro that he started the challenge when he realised, “Back in the old days working hard to become skilled as a hunter or a musician or a storyteller or whatever made you more likely to find a mate. By wanking, you do away with any motivation to actually get off your arse and do something.”
  • Others had a more scientific take, likening their penchant for getting themselves off to being addicted to drugs (or social media, for that matter), “Whenever you jack off you release a load of dopamine, but over time you get less and less sensitive, so the dopamine basically does nothing.”
  • Reddit user Kuhzzy agreed, saying, “I just realized how f*cked up porn is… It’s like doing drugs, you need a bigger and bigger hit to get the same feeling, then eventually its almost impossible to get the same good feeling… Man, I’m just done with this shit. I’m only 16 years old so it’s now or never to turn my life around. Day 1, Wish me luck.”
  • Essentially though, the general sentiment was that masturbating tricks your body into thinking it has achieved its evolutionary aim (as far as your brain is concerned once you’ve w*nked – you’ve had a baby), which can lead to unwarranted laziness—which refraining from masturbation can help combat.

Short Term Effects Of The No Fap Project

  • Indie guitarist 85 said, “I’m using my sexual energy to improve myself by going to the gym.”
  • Sean found it harder, saying, “I became more aggressive with people, less patient. On a shorter fuse.”
  • Many admitted that, “Not wanking makes it way more difficult to sleep.”
  • Reddit user Haritmeangreen warned of the inevitable urges: “They were terrible in the first two weeks and I was going mad, I almost lost it. But I would just take a step back and look at what I’m trying to achieve here. Even after day 40, I got strong urges. You know, there’s this rage that just takes over your mind and makes you think about sex all the time… But I controlled it.”

Long Term Effects Of The No Fap Project

  • Reddit user Haritmeangreen, once he overcame the first few weeks said that the “no-fap” challenge ended up improving his sleep pattern: “Before NoFap, my sleep cycle was erratic and I would sleep with my laptop on my stomach, at around 2 or 3 am but now I have structured sleep timings and it feels so good.
  • Further effects were found on participants’ sex lives: “I was just having sex with random women, hooking up with them and not call them again. But… I’m patient now and I’m not letting sex drive my relationship.”
  • Other users said that once they got through the first few weeks they gained enhanced powers of concentration.
  • Others reported becoming more confident talking to girls. “Wanking, probably now more than ever thanks to free porn, is such a tempting reason to stay home. I still get horny, but now I need to actually get out there and do something about it” (Metro).
  • However there are some downsides, with a few guys recounting how not masturbating (understandably) made them desperate for sex, leading to “trigger-happy” text messages to exes or colleagues after a couple of drinks: “In the past I’d have just got myself off and gone to sleep.”

Classic Responses

  • “I’ve noticed that hardcore nofappers – those who say they haven’t wanked in over a year – come across like religious maniacs. Like, cutting down can help you focus or whatever, but they talk about ‘superpowers’ so much I don’t really want to be associated with them.”
  • “I certainly never thought I could pull it off.”
  • “I used to throw in ice cubes in my underwear on my worst days.”
  • “Anime just made me relapse.”

How To Deal With Relapse

  • “Each time I break, I feel shit for a few days after. I used to beat myself up for failing, for being weak and lacking discipline. It can take a few days for my mood to settle and then I start again,” (BBC).
  • Take cold showers.
  • “For anyone reading this who is struggling, KEEP STRUGGLING. I can’t count how many times I felt like giving up on myself, but I kept starting over. Again and again and again until my streak improved. And usually, everytime I’d add one day to my longest streak I’d relapse and hate myself. But then I told myself that I had made progress and kept going.”

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