Australian Weightless Strength Training: How To Get Superior Strength

No weights, no worries.

Scott Evennett is fast becoming one of Australia’s most prominent faces in functional strength training. His background in fitness wasn’t fostered at a school though, it was forged in the Australian Special Forces where Evennett served (and got shot up) before retiring and turning his attention to the fitness industry.

We’ve already spoken to Evennett in the past about commando training techniques for strength and stamina, dieting techniques for building muscle and mental fitness to see real results. Today Evennett is answering one of the most popular questions amongst fitness freaks: how do you get super human strength without weights.

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In the 10-minute video Evennett runs through exactly what you need to do with this five-step static exercise program based off the training routines of gymnasts. A word of warning – they’re no walk in the park and require multiple attempts to hit the right targets.

The Perfect Push Ups

Most people can do push ups but attempting a static one takes much more strength and stamina than you think.

  • Push your feet as close as you can, tense your backside
  • This will stabilise the hinge point at hips so your hips wont bend as you hold your upper body in position
  • Squeeze and tense the body for sixty seconds and remember – not a hold, a squeeze

Reverse Over Or Reverse Push Up

Following the same principle as above but with the front of your body facing up, this static exercise will target the same results.

  • Put your palms to the ground beside you, rest your heels on the ground and point toes down
  • Push your front facing body into the air whilst squeezing your glutes (backside)
  • Add tension in the position and hold for 60 seconds
  • You might not reach 60 seconds but make that your target each time you fail until you get closer

The Straddle

  • Place your feet apart, place your hands on the ground in front of you
  • Rock forward and point toes down keeping your body in tension
  • Hold this pose for as long as possible

Pelvic Twist

  • Lie face down flat on the floor
  • Place hands behind your head
  • Point toes down with glutes squeezed, legs together and toes pointed down
  • Lift your belly button vertically up but make sure you’re driving with your abdominal muscle to lift mid-section and not bending your back
  • Hold position for 3 seconds, you’ll know you’re doing it right when your face goes red

Simulated Front Lever

  • Lie flat on your back, hold your two fists tight together in front of you – this simulates the bar
  • Tension your legs, lift and do a full body squeeze

The rundown of every move explained here is demonstrated in Evennett’s video. Once you nail these five static exercises, the retired commando says that you’ll achieve ‘super human strength’ which can transition into a multitude of exercises including sprints, jump ability, vertical squats and more.

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