Date Ideas In Sydney That Don't Involve Booze

Sydney Date Ideas

Say what? We can’t be serious. Ah, but we are.

Listen up lover boy. It’s time to put on your big kid pants and replace some of that liquid courage with actual alpha male courage. A real man should always be capable of figuring out where to take a date without uttering the fatal line of dating: “Where do you feel like going?”

That’s the quickest way to send a potential date running for the hills so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

These are the coolest things you can do that don’t require you to set foot in a bar.

Sydney Observatory

astronomy-s6Without a doubt one of our favourite dat spots that doesn’t involve a drop of alcohol. This old dame offers evening tours where you can learn about the planets, solar system and nearby galaxies. You can look through telescopes and even purchase your date something in the gift shop – like a keyring. If you’re a nerdy type, an evening of astronomy is sure to be a hit.


Barrenjoey Lighthouse

barrenjoeyForgo the cliched picnic in a park for something a little more left of field. The scenic Barrenjoey Lighthouse is located on Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach and features two cool little walking trek which are well worth the Instagram shot.

Your date will no doubt be impressed too with stunning ocean views from both sides of the head.

Price: Free

Art Gallery Of NSW

artYour date doesn’t need to be an art fiend to appreciate the heritage stone walls and extensive range of creations housed in the iconic Art Gallery of NSW.

The last time you visited the place would probably have been a school excursion but as a date spot you’ll have all the time you need to make small talk with just the right amount of distraction and noise. It’s also worth noting that the general exhibition area is free to visitors. Score and score.

Price: Free (For general exhibition area)

Royal Botanic Gardens

royal-botanic-gardens-image-credit-hamilton-lundOnce you’ve done all the artsy chit chat you can fit in a day, head out into the scenic and expansive greenery of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

The location is fastidiously cared for and showcases some of Australia’s finest flora against the backdrop of Sydney. Again, just enough distraction for any man to keep the conversation flowing. Finding a spot with a view to park yourself is also a piece of cake given the park’s size.

Price: Free

Open Air Cinemas

openairSummer in Sydney means a host open air cinemas that seemingly pop out of nowhere for the warmer season. Currently there are three outdoor cinemas running over the period of February with some extending right through to April.

St. George Open Air Cinema located on the waters of Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is undoubtedly the most upmarket with stunning harbour views, proper food stalls serving restaurant quality food and a dedicated bar to keep patrons hydrated as the sun goes down over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Not that you’ll be drinking on this date…

Not to be left out is the annual Moonlight Cinema located on grassy knolls of Sydney’s Centennial Park for an entirely different backdrop with a lot of green.

Finally we have a smaller contender in Bondi in the form of Ben & Jerrys Open Air Cinema which borrows the iconic beachside suburb’s amphitheatre for live music during the day and movies during the night.

Reading this after summer’s done and dusted? Don’t freak out. Winter is a perfect time for a spot of movie time with the date at the Golden Age Cinema & Bar.

Price: St. George Open Air Cinema
Price: Moonlight Cinema
Price: Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema

Dessert With Anna Polyviou

annaYou might have seen her insane creations of sugar on Masterchef and you’ll also know that one way to a potential partner’s heart is through their stomach.

Well we say go big or go home. Make a reservation at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel where award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou has set up base to dish up some of the most audacious desserts Sydney has to offer.

No words can describe it. Just sight and taste. Major brownie points to be scored here if your date is a dessert fiend.

Price: Various – Anna Polyviou

Kayaking The Harbour

kayakIt’s certainly less cliche than riding a bike around parks and if they go overboard you can test your bravado by saving your date’s ass. There’s also the great scenery of Sydney to be taken in from a very different perspective.

It might be a bit too strenuous for a first date but it’ll probably work for a second or third date once the mandatories have been traded and you know your date likes being active. Avoid peak times for a little more intimacy.

Price: $25/hr – Rose Bay Aquatic Hire

Glamping At Cockatoo Island

glampingBesides heritage houses and apartments that can be booked out, Cockatoo Island also accommodates for glamping. That’s glamorous camping for the uninitiated. All the hard work is sorted for stayers with the tent setup, bedding, hot showers and toiletries all provided for.

The camping part kicks in with a communal kitchen featuring multiple BBQ areas, fridges, microwaves and boiling water. All you need to provide is your own food for a truly unique experience amongst the stars. Probably not recommended as a first date though. Clingy much.

Price: Cockatoo Island

Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

bondi-to-bronte-walk-v2If you’re the fitness type and don’t mind bumping into a few people you know, then the Bondi to Bronte walk is a must. Not only is it a great cardio workout but you get the fresh air and may even see whales or dolphins. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors and get to know someone. If your date is the weird type, then explore the Waverley Cemetery. Lots of cool old school names on the tombstones, like Mavis, Desmond and Gerald.