This North Bondi Home Hides A Swimmer's Secret

The secret is in the swim.

When people think North Bondi they tend to conjure images of sand, surf and the iconic grassy knoll.

Look closer though and you’ll be greeted with a gem which actually sits opposite the blue waters in the form of a very unique residence. Located in Sydney’s North Bondi stomping ground is a home fastidiously developed by CplusC Architectural Workshop.

The space itself sits at an ample 200-square-metres and serves as a perfect place for entertaining guests and raising a young family. As a single guy it could also serve as one hell of a bachelor pad.

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What’s unique about the residence however is what is hidden away from prying eyes. Sandwiched between the main lounge’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the home’s external wall is a private swimming pool made for quick laps.

If that’s not a party trick then it’s probably time to move to Miami. The home’s design is also worth noting as it features a striking cage-like design which simultaneously lets in natural light whilst forming the foundation for a vertical garden.

Think of it like an open-air greenhouse which caters to all of your neatest toys and socialising needs and you’re on the mark. Beauty, meet Bondi.