Spectacular Photo Shows Why Everyone Should Visit Macedonia At Least Once

A forgotten gem...

A traveller’s incredible photo of a Macedonian lake has us wondering why more people don’t visit the historic region.

North Macedonia is a country in southeastern Europe. It borders Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, Serbia and Kosovo to the north, and Albania to the west. Macedonia is a historic piece of land. The ancient kingdom of Macedonia (sometimes called Macedon) was an intersection between Mediterranean and Balkan civilizations. A fascinating past and a many layered national identity.

The stunning Lake Ohrid and the historic town built next to it have put North Macedonia on the tourist trail, but there is so much more to North Macedonia than this. Mountains, food, cultural experiences, horse riding, hiking, swimming – you name it – there are all sorts of things to do in North Macedonia.

It’s a great place to escape the tourist masses too, as there isn’t yet the infrastructure for tourists that exists in many other countries. It lets you feel like you are walking your own path. And the locals are known to be helpful (says Lonely Planet, anyway).

Speaking of North Macedonia’s charms, Reddit user u/koala908 took to Reddit’s popular r/travel community on Monday to share a wanderlust-inducing photo of Lake Ohrid. Alongside the photo (which you can see below), u/koala908 wrote: “Fell in love with Macedonia during our 6-day trip to Skopje and Lake Ohrid.”

Image via Reddit

Comments in response to the video included remarks like: “Thanks for sharing! North Macedonia is high on my list of places I wanna visit. Did you venture a bit out of Ohrid town? The kayaking in the Matka Canyon looks like a wonderful experience!”

“You have to visit!” the poster of the thread responded. “Yes, we went to the monastery ‚Sveti Naum‘ (45min drive) and had a look around. I highly recommend going there and taking a boat tour. The water was crystal clear and refreshing, especially in the heat.”

“The kayaking was fantastic. In my opinion a thousand times better than the hike, which you can do there as well.”

Other comments included: “Wow! I have an ‘across Europe’ trip dream and Macedonia is a small piece, maybe need to add some extra days and do more research these pics look amazing!”

Others recommended you spend less time in Skopje because apparantly a lot of the buildings look ‘fake’ (or are less historic. One wrote: “I really did not enjoy Skopje, or to be fair I did not enjoy the fake/new part. The Muslim side with the old mosques, bazaars, tea shops was very intriguing. Granted, I was there about 10 years ago, so I dno how it shaped up in recent years. But Matko and Ohrid were actually wonderful and also surprisingly affordable – very much the highlight of my trip back then. These pics are beautiful though.”

There you have it. If you’ve been waiting to plan a trip to North Macedonia, this could be your sign.

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