Live Among The Trees In This Insane Norwegian Cabin

Whoever wrote ‘Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees’ is about to have all their dreams come true with this incredible cabin, suspended high amongst the Norwegian municipality of Straumsnes, Tingvoll.

The brains behind Cabin Straumsnes are Rever & Drage Architects who were tasked with converting the once dilapidated 1950s building into a contemporary cabin that would open up to its surroundings.

For that little bit of luxury in the wilderness, a swimming pool juts out from the wooden structure, seamlessly integrated into the lush hillside surrounding. “The entrance has a somewhat seductive nature by being both inviting and at the same time secretive,” the architects added. “You are led towards an entrance by the curved path and by the roofs and volumes surrounding it. Still the entrance remains hidden.”

Natural light pours into the mostly wooden Cabin Straumsnes, and a fireplace encircled by floor-to-ceiling windows means you’ll be totally immersed in the natural landscape while remaining cosy and comfortable in the lap of luxury.

[via Freshome]