This Nordic Nation Is The Orgasm Capital Of The World

A frolic amongst the fjords could give your sex life a boost.

Orgasm Capital

The 2017 World Happiness Report named Norway the happiest country on the planet, and now we know why: it’s also the world’s orgasm capital.

High-end sex toy company LELO conducted a saucy survey to honour World Orgasm Day on July 31. More than two thousand respondents from 21 countries shared their intimate secrets, revealing the world’s global orgasmic habits (and the surprising sexiness of fjords, reindeer, whale meat, trolls and midnight sun).

Norwegians reported the most orgasms overall, with 35% claiming they climax at least once a day. To put that into perspective, only 11% of Brits climax once a day, 41% of Swedes orgasm 2-3 times per week (a number that aligns with the global average), and 2.54% of Germans say they’ve never had an orgasm at all.

Though they may not climax most often, people in Chile, Italy and Spain make the most of the orgasms they have. Ten to 13% of people in this threesome of nations rated the power of their orgasms within the highest percentile. The country least likely to report an intense orgasm was Australia, where 2% of respondents rated their orgasmic intensity at just 1 out of 10.

Australians are also amongst the quietest climaxers, with over a third (34.78%) saying they prefer a tight-lipped approach to making love. But don’t worry, Australia, it’s not all bad news: though they may be quiet and weak, Australia ranked 3rd in frequency of orgasms.

The Portuguese are the most modest climaxers, with 42% claiming they are usually quiet. The Dutch are next. At the far – far – other end of the scale, Brazil is the noisiest nation in bed by leaps and bounds.

Sixty-five percent of Brazilian respondents claimed to be screamers, with orgasm capital Norway in second place at 39.9%. Considering what a vibrant and beautiful nation Brazil is, we’d say they have every reason shout it from the hilltops (or wherever they prefer to get it on).

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