Santorini’s ‘Other Side’ Instagram Doesn’t Want You To See

Spoiler: it's actually kind of crowded.

Digital creator Antonio Pozo, who is known for his glamorous, wanderlust-inspiring photos, recently took to Instagram with a video showing what Santorini’s like behind the scenes.

Travel influencer Antonio Pozo has taken to social media with a doozy. He has shown the difference between what you see in a travel blogger’s carefully curated footage of Santorini, and what many of these hotspots typically look like (he also shares a genius hack for avoiding the crowds).

The video starts with a beautiful sunrise, over an immaculate white roadside fence, upon which Antonio is posing, apparently free from people. It then cuts to another shot of Antonio strolling other a gleaming white dome, this time with the sparkling blue sea in the background.

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Things quickly change though. To back up the claim of the video (“Instagram vs. Reality”), the clip quickly shifts to another scene where Antonio is standing on a cobbled street on a hill full of people, and then another where he is surrounded by other tourists, warbling along with cameras, and so forth.

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He captions the video: “The little town of Oia, Santorini is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been ✨🇬🇷. But remember, if you want to avoid the crowd and create good content make sure to wake up very early for sunrise to make it happen 😇 📸. If not, I think it would be quite difficult.”

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After seeing the above comparison, we’ll take his word for it. Either that or just opt for a cooler, lesser-known destination… Not to mention: in the kind of heat Europe is experiencing right now, most tourists will probably be glad to be anywhere near a body of water – crowded as that body of water (or the streets near it) may be.

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