Old Salt Bae Photo Leaves The Internet Speechless

A cut above the rest.

Old Salt Bae Photo Leaves The Internet Speechless

Image Credut: @nusr_et

When Salt Bae first burst onto the scene way back in January 2017, it was by way of a video that went viral showing him performing his now-famous salt-sprinkling technique. The video quickly became a meme and cemented his place in the history books.

In the viral video clip, he could be seen wearing his now customary tight white t-shirt and rounded darkened sunglasses. He also appeared to be in incredibly good shape.

Since then, countless videos of the the Turkish butcher – real name Nusret Gökçe – showing him performing various workouts that have caused him to not only become ridiculously ripped, but to confirm his status as an inspirational fitness figure.

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But he hasn’t always looked like that.

Nusret himself, along with friend Mevlut Gunes, have both recently posted images to their Instagram accounts showing the two of them, along with Ugur Gökce (all butchers) in their early days, before Salt Bae found his now immense fame, confirmed by his nearly 40 million followers on Instagram.

And we can’t believe just how different the man looks, compared to the images we’re now accustomed to, of a man who is perfectly groomed and smokes cigars on his own private yet. Without wanting to sound rude, fame and fortune have done him a solid, going from scrawny youngster to certified beacon of physical perfection.

Oh, and his hair game has also undergone quite the transformation.

Captioning his nostalgic post, Salt Bae says, “Please Say good luck to me for tomorrow’s opening in London.” Clearly a reminder of where he began and how far he’s come – he left school at 11 to work as a butcher’s apprentice to help ease his family’s financial burden.

Naturally, Salt Bae’s Instagram post garnered thousands of comments, many of which were simply wishing him good luck with the opening of his new London restaurant, along with others such as:

“Omg. This photo is everything.”

“You don’t need luck, your motivation/ambition is the best power you can have.”

and, the one we’re all thinking,

“Now you are more pretty.”

We can’t be sure how much he used to charge for meat from his butcher, but we’re pretty sure it would pale in comparison to the exorbitant fees he now demands in his restaurants in some of the most exclusive locations around the world.

Say what you will about his $1,000 steaks – British food critic Jay Rayner has been particularly vocal about his grievance with Salt Bae’s London restaurant prices – there’s no denying Salt Bae has remained committed to the cause and always remained focus on achieving great success – which could also be due to him not wasting time watching movies, and instead focusing on his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Check out how Salt Bae stays so shredded in the video below

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