How To Turn Old Signs Into Cool Interior Design Features

Old signs make for fine design.

The hottest trend since hipster beards and man buns is vintage furnishings, particularly old signage. The appeal in decorating with vintage signs allows for a cool interior design that is decidedly anti-cookie-cutter and one that adds unique character and style to your home.

Whether it’s old Coca Cola signs, vintage petrol advertising, or neon signs from nightclubs that have long since shut, it can be tricky incorporating these old world items into our modern homes but not impossible. Here are the top four rules on how to make old signage work in your home.

Keep The Nostalgia In Check

Exercise a bit of restraint

Do you love old road signs and comic books? Firstly, congratulations, you have great taste. Secondly, don’t let your obsession take over the house. It’s all about moderation, so use old signage sparingly to avoid the ‘crazy collector’ look. Plus, with only one or two old school signs around, they will be allowed to enjoy the attention they deserve without being buried in a pile of nerdy paraphernalia.

Create A Feature Wall

Keep it intriguing

If rule one doesn’t sit well with you and your mammoth collection of old signs, consider grouping them together to create a feature wall. Hood art is a good way to show off your team allegiance in a creative yet stylish way that is both masculine and intriguing to unsuspecting guests. For a touch of authenticity, make sure to look for or add some wear to every piece.

Every Sign Has Its Place

From the lounge to the bedroom

There are stacks of old signs up for grabs if you have the patience to shop around. From tin and porcelain to neon, wood and plastic, certain materials suit certain areas of the home.

Porcelain signs look great awesome almost anywhere, but should be saved for hallways and bathrooms. Neon signs are amazing in the bedroom or living room, while tin signs tend to suit kitchen and garage areas. However, as most tin signs from the 1920s were painted or screen printed, making them more susceptible to rust than their enabled counterparts.

If you do choose to keep tin signs in the garage or shed, make sure the space is sealed tight and well ventilated to avoid damage and rust.

Save Your Favourite Signs For Special Spots

Choose signage locations wisely

Old sporting signage and cigarette or alcohol advertisements aren‘t everybody’s cup of tea. If you live with a partner, and especially if you have kids, keep these gems safe and looking great on your home bar, man cave or outdoor amenities (if you’re lucky enough to have any of these in your home).