OnlyFans Model Denied Boarding For Barely-There Outfit In Brazilian Airport

OnlyFans Model Denied Boarding For Barely-There Outfit In Brazilian Airport

Image: @kinechan2.0

An OnlyFans star has had an unfortunate run-in with airport security in Brazil, finding herself denied access to her flight that was bound for a creator event.

Nakedness and travel seem to be two areas of life that, once entirely distinct, are increasingly beginning to overlap… for good and for bad. While we can all celebrate the world’s largest naked cruise setting sail later this year, you might be less thrilled to hear about the German tourist that gatecrashed a sacred rite at a Balinese temple sans clothing or the woman who tore off her clothes before her flight had even departed and went on to bite a police officer’s arm… what a way to kick off your holidays.

Now, at the Navegantes airport in southern Brazil, a young OnlyFans model — known by her Instagram handle “Kine-Chan” — has joined their ranks, finding herself entangled in a web of fashion controversy as she was denied boarding her flight thanks to a pretty minimalistic outfit, as reported by View From The Wing.

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The 21-year-old internet sensation was reportedly on her way to a creator event, wearing an outfit inspired by a character named Rebecca from Netflix’s popular show Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. While she openly admitted that she’d picked the outfit in question as a means of making a statement on her arrival at the event, airport security weren’t quite as keen on her daring new look.

Featuring a small black bikini and teal-coloured hair, Kine-Chan reported on her experience as follows:

“I tried to board the Seafarers Airport dressed as Rebecca’s cosplay for an event. I knew I could be late so I got dressed so I didn’t waste any time and get straight to my there. But I was instructed to go home and change clothes because what I was wearing was not ‘appropriate.'”


You might be unsurprised to hear that this incident is far from being an isolated one. A number of high-profile figures have had similar encounters, including former ‘Miss America’ Olivia Culpo who was requested to “cover-up” prior to a flight back in 2022. The difference in that instance was that Culpo’s outfit was far more commonplace stuff that wouldn’t go amiss on most high streets. Here, however, the issue feels a lot more clean-cut.

As the online world becomes increasingly skimpily-clad, I feel that we might be set to witness a lot more events like this in the months and years to come; as younger generations become increasingly invested in their online avatars and looking to blur the boundaries between virtual reality and the physical world, communal spaces like airports could become unwitting cultural friction points.

For now, we hope that Kine-Chan managed to get a change of clothes and nake it to her event in good time…without catching a cold in the interim.